It's Eric!Wonderful to “meet” you!  My name is Eric Scheibeler and I live in central Pennsylvania. I was in Amway a decade ago but most people have forgiven me for that by now.

Starting LaunchMyDay.com is the result of a dream and passion that has been within me for as long as I can remember to help others  dramatically improve their lives.

My hope is that the resources you find here will impact your life in a deep and profound way. You are not here to struggle and suffer. You’re here to express and share your special gifts, to give and receive love, and to be happy.

This website isn’t about me, it’s about you.

Anyone can get you hyped up, but that is fleeting. Instead, the entire team at LaunchMyDay.com is committed to not just get you moving but to keep you moving towards a joyful, fulfilling life one day at a time.

We live in a time of both tremendous uncertainty and new, rapidly changing, unparalleled opportunity.

LaunchMyDay.com was birthed as a resource, a beacon light to help you identify and capture these opportunities to propel you forward to a future of your choosing. This is a “no hype” zone and has grown to become a global community of actionable encouragement.

We’re here simply to provide the Ingredients for a Life that Works on an ongoing basis.


My purpose and great passion in life is to help you live your “best life”. If you give me a chance, I’ll help you to:

  • Go from overwhelmed to overjoyed
  • Move from tired to a permanent high energy, fit lifestyle (not “getting in shape”)
  • Discover and make a living doing what you are passionate about
  • Create and Live your “Bucket List” – Woohoo!
  • Experience joy from helping others
  • Eliminate the servitude of debt and create financial abundance

I love what inspirational speaker Willie Jolley says, “A set back is a setup for a comeback.” Les Brown follows that thought with, “When you get knocked down, land on your back because if you can look up, You Can Get Up!”

Sign up for the LaunchMyDay.com E-Zine – it’s going to be a great journey.

See you on the inside, Amigo.

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